Diving With Adventure Mania In Sodwana Bay


Why Dive Sodwana Bay? Part 1

There are several dive sites worldwide that offer the most incredible experiences for Scuba Divers. Offering just about everything the ocean has to offer and more, so why dive Sodwana Bay?

Surf Launch comes to mind when I think of the thrilling Sodwana Bay scuba diving. Not very many dive sights offer this as the first part of your Scuba Diving experience. Before you even get into the water you get to rush through the waves of the surf and feel the movement of the ocean in its excitement as it reaches the sandy beach and flows back again and again. The wind in your hair and the smell of the ocean awakening all those senses to prepare you for an experience which is never the same no matter how often you return to these dive sites. This brings me to the dives sites and how diverse the wildlife on the protected reefs in the Marine Protected area. A Scuba Diver will never see everything this piece of heaven offers in a lifetime of Scuba Diving and this is why divers return year after year. Adventure Mania offers you the opportunity to experience the dive sites of Sodwana Bay.

Dive trips to 2 mile reef being the most popular and nearest to the shore,3-5 mins boat ride only and you are there. Diversity is the key word to describe you can see down under! From Turtles feeding and snoozing under the hangovers to hunting eels and Yellow-edge Lyretails . An array of colourful fish from the Butterfly fish, Angel fish and many more. Well known for its healthy reef full of hard and soft coral living in harmony all in one area. An experience that you cannot compare with any other dive site world-wide. Diving side by side with animals of the ocean in their own environment beats no other dive. It doesn’t stop there . Further reef dives to 5 Mile,7 Mile and 9 Mile along our beautiful coast allows us the opportunity to explore more and more. Adventure Mania will take you there. An Adventure and lifetime experience that once experienced will never be taken from you.