Ever Popular Potato Bass at Adventure Mania


Mr Potato Bass!

The very popular, friendly and rather curios Potato Bass of Sodwana Bay is one of the biggest highlights when diving Sodwana Bay reefs. Diver pleasing displays and curiousness brings this large fish so close to the divers they can literally see right into his mouth and into the gills.  The photographers are thrilled to be able to get some amazing photos of this fish that are near impossible with any other fish. Mr Potato fish poses just for the perfect pic.

There have been Potato Bass named by the local divers in certain areas of the Sodwana Bay reefs as they seem to be consistently in the area, ready for a show. “Frikkie” was a Potato Bass found almost every Stringer-2 mile dive for quite some time.

It is said that the presence of the Potato Bass in an area is a good sign of reef health. This is why we are always so pleased to see the Potato Bass on our reef and also why iSimangaliso Wetland parks – Sodwana Bay is one of the best dive sites in the world. There is no doubt that the constant struggle to conserve this area is working. As long as the area stays PROTECTED, we will still be able to see these amazing creatures of the ocean.


Length: 2m
Depth: 5-150m
Found: Indo-Asian Pacific
Eats: Fish and invertebrates
Family: Groupers
Scientific fish family: Serranidae

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