Life as an Intern

From Customer to Intern

During my visit to South Africa I was researching online best dive sites in South Africa and I came across Sodwana Bay. I read about all the beautiful coral reef in the Isimangaliso Wetland Park and decided that I had to go and check it out! When I got here I was unsure of which Dive charter I should dive with and a friend (who was too lazy to research the dive centers) saw the Adventure Mania sign and said: “Here you go! That’s perfect and it’s just next to our accommodation!” I wasn’t too convinced but I decided to go in and have a look.

Everyone was very friendly and therefore I booked my dives. The following 5 days were incredible. From the moment I put my head underwater I didn’t want to come up anymore. It was excellent! I just enjoyed staying after my dives by the gazebo to chat with the staff and then couldn’t wait to go to dive planning to see them again. On the beach they once told me that you’re only a real South African when you can walk on the hot sand without running and that’s where it all began. I wanted to see more of Sodwana Bay reef, I wanted to dive every day, I wanted to be part of that incredible team, I wanted to gain all the diving knowledge I could, and I wanted to be able to walk on that sand without looking like BOLT. What happened next? Have a look at my Life as an Intern blog to know more…