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Sodwana Bay

If you are visiting Sodwana Bay and need Scuba Diving Equipment or would just like to have a friendly chat be sure to visit the Adventure Mania Dive Shop. We have a variety of different Scuba Equipment suited to bring you closer to your next unforgettable Scuba Dive at Sodwana Bay. Whether you are looking to purchase Scuba Diving Equipment or just to rent it, we provide for all needs. So don’t worry about having to lug all that heavy equipment through the airports as we will be able to provide you with all of the necessary equipment on a rental basis. We also provide equipment and services for those visiting Sodwana Bay but would prefer not to Scuba Dive. If this sounds like you then we provide a snorkel trip to experience the Sodwana Bay reef from the surface which is always a winner. When going to the Sodwana Bay reef you could also be treated to a rare experience that occurs with Adventure Mania. This is that there is always a chance to spot some turtles, dolphin, whales or even whalesharks swimming off the Sodwana Bay Coast on the ride out to the site. This is always a very nice treat for Scuba Divers and Non-Scuba Divers alike.

Sodwana Bay
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