Adventure Mania Has Moved


Exciting new Adventures for Adventure Mania 2016.

Wow! Adventure Mania Sodwana Bay has moved premises to bigger and better! We are growing proudly and look forward to bright future in Scuba Diving.

Now set up in the Rustic Ramble Centre on the Sodwana Bay main road, our new shop, bookings office and classroom facility looking and feeling better than ever. Rustic Rambles’ now with Ngunis Pub & Restaurant, Anglers Cove fishing centre and a newly revamped Dive Museum. The Centre, now with plenty activity and something for everyone.

What a move it has been

Team Adventure Mania aimed at getting the move done in 3 days went right to work as Kate-Lyn (our intern) was in charge of the old shop packing up and taking down. Within 1 day the old shop was literally gutted. Kate-Lyn single handily took down absolutely everything but the tiles and paint off the walls. What a machine. The new shop began to take shape later that day with Jorn scraping the old paint off the walls and painting the new classroom and reception area a new bright clean white and a shade of red. More paint on Jorn than on the wall at a point but fun was had nonetheless and the walls look great as does Jorn, ha-ha! Sealing and roofing was a job for Jacques and Peter as they climbed and clambered around above us. It sounded like they were going to fall right on top of us at stages. The wiring and lighting the last but not least most important was left for the most brave of the team to sort out. A shocking affair it certainly was! The stock for the Dive Shop section has not arrived, so we merchandise with what we have from the old shop for now. This was to be the task for the ladies, Kate-Lyn, Thobile and Sibongile. A good sweep and mop to make pretty and by Sunday we could at least invite people in without the risk of tripping over a shelf, hammer or wires. A sigh of relief now that we are in our new “home” as we embark on our adventure to bigger and better in so many ways. After a couple of days of hard work, blood, sweat and some tears, Ngunis Restaurant spoiled us with delicious spaghetti bolognaise for dinner to welcome us to the centre. We feel right at home at Rustic Ramble and now we look forward to seeing our divers old and to welcome new. To building on friendships and making new ones. Cheers to Adventure Mania.